64 Elegant Black And White Wedding Table Settings

elegant black and white wedding table settings cover

Black and white color scheme is classical, timeless and extremely elegant, that’s why many couples choose it for their weddings. A table setting is one of the most important decorations that you need to think over, and if you’ve chosen black and white for your big day, this roundup is for you!


Black and white are a timeless color scheme that can be used for any styles: modern, vintage, glam and refined, moody or even Halloween weddings. Choose any style that you like and find out what proportions of both colors you’ll take – more black for a moody feel or more white and just some black touches for a bit of drama. You can give a black and white table setting different touches using gold tableware, striped tablecloths or black napkins. Of course, there’s no wedding without flowers, so choose black and white anemones, white orchids, roses or tulips – they look fantastic! Polka dot tablecloth or napkins would give the table a playful touch, and candles always add romance.

How To Spruce Up

How to refresh your monochromatic color scheme to make it look not boring? The best and most popular idea is metallics – copper, gold, silver for a sparkly touch. One more way to go is adding greenery – table runners, topiaries or centerpieces; if it’s a tropical wedding, why not incorporate dried or green fronds? Candles will make the ambience cozier, use some catchy candleholders and vases, add patterns and textures with them or table runners and placemats. Look for brilliant examples below!

Source: pinterest