25 Tropical Wedding Bouquets That Inspire

tropical wedding bouquets with a wow factor cover

A lot of couples every year choose tropical destinations to tie the knot and this idea is timeless – hot tropics, beautiful beaches, breezes – what can be more romantic and touching? Besides, you can be sure that the weather will more likely be fine there, and you may go for a whole adventure with your husband-to-be. If you have already found a place to get married, now it’s time to think of decor, accessories and outfits. I’d like to share some cool ideas for tropical couples and today’s roundup is right for tropical brides: we’ll have a look at gorgeous bouquets because no bride walks down the aisle without a bouquet. A bouquet is a necessary piece for every bride and it should match and highlight your style without distracting all the attention from you. Here are some cool ideas you may try.

Tropical Wedding Bouquets

Tropical brides more often choose between two popular options: a super bright and bold bouquet or a pure white one with greenery, and both options are chic. If you’ve chosen a bold color scheme with lots of tropical colors, boldly go for orange, pink, fuchsia, red, yellow blooms and large tropical leaves. Give your bouquet a dimension and texture using various types of greenery, unique tropical blooms like famous king protea, cacti and even kumquat and little pineapples – embrace your location! Don’t be afraid to rock oversized bouquets and blooms, everything catchy is welcome here; tropics offer a lot of various options because of lush vegetation, benefit from it as much as possible. If you want timeless elegance and if you’ve chosen a neutral color scheme, a white bouquet is your choice. It’s usually made of orchids but you may go for other blooms, too, and add some tropical greenery.

Cascading Tropical Wedding Bouquets

You may say that cascading bouquets aren’t in trend but they have never stopped being fashionable for tropical weddings because there’s much cascading greenery and blooms to choose from and such bouquets look wow. They can be also very bright or purely white but the main part here is the cascade: how long it will be, how catchy it will look, what textures will be present. Don’t afraid to rock lush bouquets with unique details – make a statement with your flowers!