42 Delicious Meringue And Pavlova Dessert Ideas For Your Wedding

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We’ve already told you of a popular dessert – macarons – used at weddings, and here’s one more hot trend – meringue treats! Mini meringue roses, pops, drops, kisses and sandwich cookies are amazing and make the sweetest day even sweeter! What’s great about meringues is that they are super easy to make and there are lots of delicious recipes out there; it means that you needn’t order them at high prices – you can easily make some yourself. Have a look how to rock these yummies on your big day!

Meringue Treats

Let’s take a look at some meringue types for you to choose what you like most for your dessert table. Meringue kisses can be popped on a pretty cake stand or you can add a little sparkle like glitter dusted drops on top. Meringue roses are shaped to look like roses and in tasty bite size portion, making them perfect for a dessert table, just dip them in chocolate or add little flowers. Meringue stars are dreamy and romantic for such an event- – choose the color according to your scheme and enjoy! Meringue pops are exactly what it says on the tin – yummy meringues on a stick. Can you imagine a better dessert? I can’t! The last but not least are meringue sandwiches. Pop two meringues together with a tasty filling to make a delicious meringue sandwich cookie.

Pavlova Cakes

Pavlova is a meringue-based dessert named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. It has a crisp crust and soft, light inside, usually topped with fruit and whipped cream. A pavlova cake can be a gorgeous and delicious alternative to a usual wedding cake, it can be topped with some sauce and fresh fruits or berries according to the season – figs and blackberries for the fall, strawberries and blueberries for summer, and also with edible flowers for a more spectacular look. Your usual cake can be topped with meringues or can be completely covered with meringues, macarons and blooms for a very refined and chic look. Mini pavlova cakes are also welcome – they will make everyone happy and they can be served as another alternative to a wedding cake, just one piece for each guest to make them pleased. Take a look at fantastic desserts below and choose the best sweets for your wedding!

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pink meringue kisses dipped into chocolate are delicious and easy wedding favors or desserts
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white meringue kisses dipped into caramel are delicious for a wedding, can be served as desserts or used as favors
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a box with colorful meringue kisses is a lovely and delicious wedding favor, and it will match any wedding style
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pink meringue sandwiches with caramel are delicious for a wedding, make some to make your guests happy
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large mint meringue kisses sandwiches with chocolate are refreshing, delicious and look very beautiful
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meringue kiss sandwiches with chocolate and confetti are playful and lovely wedding favors or desserts
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white meringue sandwiches with chocolate and nuts are adorable and really delicious desserts for a wedding
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pink meringue roses topped with chocolate are delicious, beautiful and fantastic for a wedding
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lilac meringue roses look decadent, sweet and very refined, they are amazing for a dessert table or as favors
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pink meringue roses topped with colorful confetti are delicious wedding favors or sweets for your wedding dessert table
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pink meringue kisses on sticks are tasty and pretty wedding desserts to enjoy
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meringue swirls topped with colorful confetti are lovely wedding desserts to rock, they look heavenly cute
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pink heart meringue on a stick dipped into colorful confetti is a very delicious and pretty dessert idea
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pink meringue kisses on skewers are lovely and easy desserts and can be given as wedding favors, too
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meringue blooms decorated with colorful sugar ones are nice wedding desserts or favors and they look very romantic
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pasel meringue kisses with funfetti on the edges are always a great idea for a wedding dessert table or as wedding favors
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rainbow colored mini meringue kisses are amazing to serve at your wedding, especiall if it's a colorful one
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mini tarts with meringue roses on top are delicious wedding desserts or favors and they look cool
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electric blue meringue kisses are a lovely and very bold idea for a wedding, place them on an elegant stand
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a white wedding cake decorated with pink and white meringue kisses, stars and roses and lots of beautiful pastel blooms
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a small meringue wedding cake topped with fresh figs, with berries and pears is amazing for a fall wedding
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a gorgeous ombre white to pink meringue wedding cake is a unique and bold idea, an alternative to a usual one
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a beautiful meringue wedding cake with fresh fruits, whipped cream and greenery on top is amazing
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pavlovas topped with fresh peaches and blackberries are delicious and very refined wedding desserts to serve
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mini pavlovas with fresh berries and berry compote on top plus fresh mint for a summer wedding
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mini cheesecakes topped with meringues are delicious and very refined wedding desserts you will definitely enjoy
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mini cheesecake pavlovas with fresh strawberries are delicious for a spring or summer wedding
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an oversized meringue wedding cake topped with fresh berries, pink petals and sugar powder is a gorgeous wedding dessert
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an elegant meringue wedding cake decorated with pink sugar blooms and leaves is a chic and lovely idea
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an amazing pavlova wedding cake with citrus slices and fresh fruits plus some caramel on top for a fall wedding
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an alternative wedding cake made of meringue kisses and blush blooms is a lovely wedding dessert idea to rock
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an alternative Pavlova wedding cake topped with red petals and meringues is a beautiful and chic idea
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a pretty pavlova wedding cake with pink macarons, pink meringue kisses, lavender and gilded raspberries is very refined
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a pretty pavlova wedding cake with fresh raspberries and pomegranate seeds is a delicious wedding cake alternative
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a pavlova wedding cake with berry compote, fresh peaches, nuts, blooms and meringues on top is amazing for a fall or summer wedding
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a pavlova wedding cake topped with fresh berries, mint and some dip is a very tasty idea to enjoy
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a pavlova cake with chocolate, raspberries, leaves and some drip is a delicious idea that everybody will enjoy
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a lovely and bright pavlova wedding cake with berries, fruits and colorful edible blooms is a splash of colors and gorgeousness
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a honey and fig pavlova can be a very cool wedding cake alternative for a fall wedding
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a gorgeous pavlova wedding cake with lots of fresh fruit, berris and bright petals is a very bold and delicious idea
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a fantastic pavlova wedding cake with bold edible flowers, petals, fresh berries and fruits and a lovely gold topper
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a catchy pavlova wedding cake topped with fresh fruits and berries, some blooms and nuts is fantastic
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