The Best Wedding Outfit And Style Ideas Of June 2016

In June 2016, we’ve shown you a lot of cool stuff to inspire you for a beautiful wedding. Here we want to highlight the best bride and groom outfit and style ideas among them.

  1. Choosing a silhouette that will highlight your best-loved assets and conceal your less-favorable traits is essential before you start wedding dress shopping. We’re here to help!
  2. No doubt that emerald is the most popular and chic jewel tone, so here are lots of cool ideas for bridesmaid’s dresses in this color.
  3. If you’ve chosen an open back dress or a backless dress, you can try one of the hottest trends popping up right now – a back wedding necklace.
  4. What are the trendiest ideas for your bridesmaids to give them a lovely summer-inspired look? We have an answer!
  5. This bridal look is inspired by ethereal minimalism geared towards modernism: the perfect blend of soft, airy delicate designs with emphasis on geometric shapes, lines and essential forms.