The Best Wedding Decor Inspirations Of May 2016

In May 2016, we’ve shown you a lot of cool stuff to inspire you for a beautiful wedding. Here we want to highlight the best wedding decor ideas among them.

  1. Rustic or western themed bridal showers have always been popular, and here are some ideas for a cowgirl bridal shower.
  2. Retro housewife bridal showers are funny and so inspiring!
  3. If you are a big fan of the fairytale or maybe animated Disney film “The Little Mermaid”, we offer you to make the mermaid theme your main theme for your bridal shower!
  4. One of the themes for a bridal shower that is sure to bring lots of fun to your guests is camping.
  5. Take a look at this adorable and so easy-to-repeat idea for a bridal shower! Perfect for those who love to cook.