The Best Wedding Decor Inspirations Of August 2016

In August 2016, we’ve shown you a lot of cool stuff to inspire you for a beautiful wedding. Here we want to highlight the best wedding decor ideas among them.

  1. We all know that burgundy is among the top colors for fall and winter weddings, it’s bold and rich and perfectly highlights the cold season. The combo of burgundy and gold is traditional but a little bit hacky. Burgundy and blush isn’t!
  2. If you and your partner truly love motorcycles, then you should take motorcycle theme as the main one for your big day. We’re here to provide you with inspiration!
  3. Decorate your wedding with various buckets? What can be easier!
  4. Are you a badass couple that loves rock and loves being yourself without conformities? Then we suggest you to plan a cool rock wedding with all sorts of things you love.
  5. Blush and gold are one of the classic color schemes for weddings, it’s very delicate and sweet, perfect for nuptials with glam touches. In this post you’ll find lots of ideas for a wedding in such colors.