59 Stunning Valentine’s Day Wedding Bouquets

stunning valentine's day wedding bouquets cover

Valentine’s Day weddings are incredibly romantic, love is in the air! That’s why décor and all the stuff should be very special and romantic. We’ve already discussed some décor ideas and cakes you can make, and today we’ll look at bouquets. What blooms to take to match your bridal look and make it feel more Valentine-like?

Red and pink will always be the most romantic colors, so you can choose flowers in these colors and mix them as you like – that’ll look romantic! You may rock a bold-hued wedding bouquet, for example, with red and pink touches, with fuchsia and hot pink blooms, or go for a tender pastel one with sweet blush, light pink and other flowers. Think of rocking an ombre or color block effect – these are very popular, and they work very nice for floral arrangements adding a spectacular touch to them. You may rock only blooms, for example, a classic only rose wedding bouquet, or refresh it with greenery, berries and foliage and even succulents. Don’t forget about wraps for your bouquet, it can add style and color, too, and you may attach brooches or portraits of your relatives to them. Add a glitter ribbon or a heart pendant to it to highlight the theme. If you want something unique, try a felt heart bouquet or just a heart-shaped one. Get inspired by more beautiful bouquets below and find your perfect one!

Source: pinterest