58 Spaghetti Strap Backless Wedding Gowns

spaghetti strap backless wedding gowns cover

If you are looking a wedding dress that is catchy and simple at the same time, then we are sure that this dress is for you! Spaghetti straps add some chic and elegance to your wedding gown and emphasize your beautiful back.

You can choose various ideas for spaghetti straps on your back, find your style – a criss cross back, an open back or even an open back paired with a lace insert on buttons, they all look amazing. There are all kinds of silhouettes, from mermaid to ballgowns, so you’ll easily find something for you. As for detailing, it’s also different: there are lace appliques, beading, embellishments, just lace, fringe and much more, and even your straps can be beaded. Puzzling over a color? If you don’t feel like anything traditional, you may try a pink, grey or blue gown.

Where to wear such a dress? No doubt if you are having your wedding on the beach, you just need to pick up this kind of dress to feel airy and comfortable. A spaghetti strap open back dress is amazing for any summer or hot day wedding and I wouldn’t recommend it for a winter or fall one but if you coverup – why not? In general, no matter which color of wedding gown you’ll have, what type of fabric or style of your dress, this gown idea will look perfect!

Source: pinterest