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The Beauty Of The Naked Wedding Cake: 35 Inspirational Ideas

A naked wedding cake… Sounds a little bit weird if not to know exactly what I’m talking about. But I’m sure that you’ve already seen some of them. Naked cakes are those that go sans frosting around the sides of the cake, leaving the cake appeal in its natural and uncovered beauty. We’ve seen a lot of cakes that have a really exquisite and stunning exterior design, and you may think that these cakes are inferior to them in this. But just take a look at naked wedding cakes once again:  their beauty is in their fillings and toppings, whether things kept clean or muddled through out, they look as if you had just whipped it up on the spot and your elements of baking are still left around. These beauties can work their magic into the most sophisticated of fete to a more rustic affair, so consider using them for your wedding!


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