Romantic DIY Balloon Chandelier For Your Engagement Or Wedding

Balloons make the atmosphere romantic and cutie, let’s make a beautiful decoration for your wedding of them. You’ll need a helium tank, 4×6 photos, 5×7 card stock, a curling ribbon, 12” balloons, scissors & hole punch, double sided tape. Place 4×6 photo in the center of the 5×7 card stock with double sided tape; punch a hole in the center of the card stock. Attach the curling ribbon to all of the photos. Blow up a balloon with the helium tank and tie it off into a knot to hold in the helium. Take one of the completed photos and attach the other end of the curling ribbon to the balloon. The easiest way to do this is to create a loose knot already, then slip it over the end of the balloon and pull tight. When you finish blowing up all the balloons, add a 1” strip of double sided tape to the top of each balloon. You can then create any shape chandelier you desire by sticking the balloons to the ceiling. Enjoy!

Source: weddingchicks

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