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Glamorous Blush And Gold Wedding Inspiration

We thought it would be fabulous to start off a week with glamour and chic. It’s all in this shoot from Claire Pacelli Photography, which is inspired by the classic and favorite Labyrinth. It’s so amazing to see how the concept of the movie reflected in wedding design. Wedding ideas that are gathered here as nods to... More

Fresh And Pretty DIY Floral Hair Comb

A flower crown is an ever-popular accessory we see everywhere, so if you want to stand out yet to stay in trend, better make this fresh floral hair comb. It’ll work for both up and down hairstyles and look pretty fashionable and charming. Here’s what you need to gather to get started: a selection of fresh flowers... More

27 Sexy Wedding Dresses That Will Take His Breath Away

Do you have a vision of what kind of bride you want to be? There’re tons of different themes to choose from: boho, romantic, vintage, modern and even sexy. There’s nothing wrong about showing some skin through peekaboo lace or highlighting your curves. It’s your big day and you’re marrying the man of... More

Lush And Pretty DIY Silk Flower Chandelier To Make

One thing that might prevent you from using real flowers in your wedding décor is that they won’t last long enough. However, silk florals might fabulously solve this problem and help the space appear more beautiful. Here’s what you need to make a gorgeous chandelier: silk flowers from AFloral, wire chandelier... More

Dreamy DIY Giant Moon Backdrop For Your Wedding

This backdrop looks so fantastic that it doesn’t matter how difficult it is to make it, you should to create it for your wedding! You’ll need 1/4″ plywood, paint in various shades of blue and grey, 150 wine corks, 5 wooden dowels, rit dye, 10 bags of marshmallows, blue and gold glitter, tack glue, gold paint, hot... More

25 Elegant And Stylish Striped Wedding Cakes

No matter how you’ll celebrate your wedding, what wedding theme you’ll pick up and how many guests you’ll invite, your cake is one of the most important details and you know it! So you need to think over about your wedding cake as early as possible. Fortunately we have an idea — a cake with stripes. You can choose chic... More

Beautiful DIY Calligraphy Wedding Cake Topper

Everything about charming hand-written script is very popular right now. Except paper goods, there’re tons of ways to feature calligraphy in your wedding. For example, you can spell out any message you like on a cake topper. For that you only need some spray paint, twist ties on a roll, thin wire, scissors, hot glue gun... More

Intimate Bohemian Desert Fall Wedding Inspiration

I know it’s still one month of summer left, but don’t you miss a bit stunning rich shades of fall? We certainly do! Today’s boho-inspired shoot from The Hearts Heaven Photography is such a refreshing change from the typical pastels and gold we’ve seen in most of weddings this hot season. A wild desert... More

25 Lovely Rehearsal Dinner Favor Ideas

A rehearsal dinner is rather an intimate event when you have the most important people in your life around for a pre-wedding celebration. Just to appreciate their presence, involvement and show them how much they mean to your couple you should think over giving some favors. It’s always confusing to decide what to give as... More

Gentle DIY Rustic Hanging Aisle Wedding Décor

This wonderful hanging floral jam jar can be used as an alternative to bridesmaid’s or flower girl’s bouquets, and even as a hanging display for the back of your ceremony aisle seats. You will need jam jars, lace, string, scissors and double sided tape. Cut your lace to size, wrap around the lip of the jar and secure the... More