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21 Graceful And Subtle Pleated Wedding Gowns

We often wear pleated dresses or skirts in our daily life, so how about pleated wedding gowns? You’ll like this idea for sure, if you wanna a weightless and subtle bridal dress. You can choose a dress with only a pleated skirt or with a bodice and skirt with this effect at the same time. You need to remember that vertical... More

Playful Contemporary Wedding Dresses From The Babushka Ballerina

Hey there, lovelies! We’ve got such a playful wedding dresses collection to share with you! When I first saw it, I couldn’t take my eyes off it for minutes! It’s from designers behind the Australian brand The Babushka Ballerina and it’s endlessly fun and pretty. Most of the dresses follow current trends, so a... More

Amazing DIY Winery Themed Wedding Welcome Basket

Welcome baskets are a great way to greet your darling wedding guests, especially if you’ve planned a weekend celebration. Think over what they might need on these party days and try to match the basket with your wedding theme. If you’re having a wedding at a winery, we even have a tip on what to put in a winery themed... More

21 Wedding Dresses From Bridal Fashion Week 2016 That Impress

The latest bridal fashion week brought new and fancy inspirational ideas. Designers showed their unique vision on bridal wear and beauty, and it’s exciting to break down the biggest trends that we can’t wait to see you rock. The wedding dresses we saw are absolutely stunning and each of them has something special from ball... More

Modern And Unique DIY Hanging Living Terrariums

If you’re looking for new ways of displaying beautiful flowers at your wedding, pay attention to this unique project. These living terrariums have a modern feel and look just perfect as backdrop décor. You’ll be surprised how actually easy it is to make them on your own. You don’t need to be a florist to complete this... More

Cute DIY Test Tube Chandelier For Rustic Weddings

You can create a beautiful chandelier for your wedding with simple supplies. Wanna know how you can make it? For this project you’ll need 65 test tubes (25 for bottom, 40 for top), gold wire, wire cutters, gold spray paint and 12” and 18” wreath form. Spray paint wreath forms gold and put aside to dry. Cut gold wire as... More

22 Funny Guitar Wedding Décor Ideas

If you and your partner are huge fans of rock or just instrumental music, these ideas are for you for sure! You can create several décor elements with guitars or make a whole guitar theme for your wedding. And your guests will appreciate it too! Just add little guitars to your groom and groomsmen boutonnieres, place cards and... More

Sweet DIY ‘Love’ Illuminated Wedding Sign

We really love DIY projects that look pretty fabulous at a wedding party or bridal shower but also may be used after at home. Today’s illuminated sign is just like that! It’s so pretty and romantic! It’s super simple to make and sure to impress your darling guests. Here’s what you need to get started: A3 sheet of 10mm... More

The Sweetest Road Trip Engagement Session

Lacee and Matt met in Texas, but when they realized they’re in need for a big change, they moved to New York. They had cute memories of their long drive from the south to the north-west and decided to incorporate a road trip into their sweetest engagement session. Everything about this shoot is adorable from the couple... More

27 Non-Traditional Cheese Wheel Wedding Cakes

If you want to impress your wedding guests, a cheese wheel cake will not let you down! They’re weirdly beautiful and can make a great alternative to traditional sweet cakes. They suit rustic, farm or barn and vineyard weddings best. However, one of the best things about cheese cakes is that you can tailor them... More