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Iceland Destination Wedding Inspiration With Vintage Touches

There’s nowhere else in the world where you can have a wedding day adventure that includes glaciers, icebergs, caves, sod covered houses, black sand beaches, lava fields, sea arches, waterfalls, and abandoned airplanes all year-round than in Iceland! Not only is Iceland considered for larger destination weddings, but it is... More

Beautiful DIY Fall Wedding Makeup In Pastel Shades And Golden Tones

Quoting the brilliant Bobby Brown, “your makeup should change with seasons”. You wouldn’t argue with a pro like her, would you? Plus it makes perfect sense to change a bit the colors of your makeup and choose warm pastels and touches of gold, embracing the blustery fall weather. For a bride is also important that her... More

21 Alternative Outfit Ideas For Bridesmaids

It’s not just you that wants to look their best on your wedding day, your best friends will too! So instead of sticking them in some ill-fitting matching strapless monstrosities. why not give them something with a bit more style?! What would you say to stylish men outfits or even tuxedos for your girls? Isn’t it sexy and... More

Creative And Romantic DIY Camp-Themed Wedding In Canada

I think that when you together with your darling ones unite the efforts for the one and only DIY wedding, it turns out to be the most heart-touching, intimate and very personal event. Of course, it’s not easy and you all shouldn’t mind getting your hands dirty when it comes to constructing wood signage or detailed... More

Unique Cranberry Harvest Engagement Session

Today’s lovely fall engagement session can’t be more perfect to share just some days before Thanksgiving. Julia and Mike’s session with Blush Wedding Photography took place at the groom’s family’s cranberry farm in British Columbia, Canada. I just fall in love with these colors and lots and lots of cranberry around!... More

23 Stunning High Neckline Wedding Dresses

We all want to be the prettiest on our wedding day, so that hearts of our darling ones came to a stand still at the moment of your appearance. With so many stunning options, it may be so hard to choose your one and only gown. We’ve been sharing some of our favorite dresses’ styles lately to show you different models of... More

Pagan-Inspired Wedding In The Heart Of Transylvania

Remember Lisa and Alex? This couple travels from country to country and gets a wedding in each of them. Today we’ll see how they had fun in Romania, right in the heart of Transylvania. In Lithuania they had a traditional pagan ritual, and today they are keeping up with tradition with this traditional Romanian wedding... More

Adventurous And Cheerful Elopement In Rio De Janeiro

Elopement is a trendy and cool way to have your big day for just the two of you. It’s not only very intimate and special but also budget-friendly. What would you say to a Brazil elopement? Bright, cheerful and awesome? Get some inspiration from the today elopement shoot, it’s all about love and commitment to one another,... More

6 Smart Tips For Winter Outdoor Engagement Sessions

Many couples enjoy the advantages of cozy wintertime and get married or engaged at this time. We’ve prepared a couple of useful tips for those of you, guys, who decided to get a fantastic winter outdoor engagement session. Adjust the schedule to have more daylight. In winter it typically gets darker during the day so it’s... More

Beautiful And Easy DIY Weeping Wedding Bouquet

Collecting and making your wedding bouquet yourself sounds really challenging and tricky. But it’s not always true. Besides, if you’re low on budget and don’t want to spend extra money on a florist, is a good way out. A weeping bouquet has something that is wild and emotional, and making it seems much easier than it... More