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25 Barbecue Themed Rehearsal Dinner Ideas

If you chose the barbecue theme for your rehearsal dinner, you’re on the right way! We are sure that all your guests will support you and come to your party with pleasure. It’s not such difficult-to-realize idea, so you need to create a food bar (you can make popcorn, nut, chips bar), a zone for making food, a drink bar,... More

Romantic White Wedding Inspirational Shoot In A Blooming Garden

One wise man said that simple can be harder than complex. So, to design a shoot featuring a classic white color palette that doesn’t look a little dated or plain yet makes a stylish statement might be a tricky thing to do. However, the most talented Russian vendors with photographer Elena Pavlova managed the task oh-so-well... More

Cool DIY Pineapple Magnet Wedding Favors

I’ve never met a person who doesn’t love magnets. I specifically adore gathering them and attaching to my fridge, just because it looks so much cooler, funnier and more eccentric with them. I’m pretty sure your guests would love to take away something like that as simple gifts. So, it’s a great idea whether for a... More

25 Vintage-Inspired Great Gatsby Themed Rehearsal Dinner Ideas

The pre-wedding bash is a chance for all the guests to get acquainted before the big day, so it’s worth thinking it through no less carefully. As I said earlier, there’re lots of themes for a rehearsal dinner to choose from. Now that The Great Gatsby style still remains popular and favorite among many couples, let’s talk... More

Romantic Wine Country Wedding Inspiration With Pops Of Pink

Is there any better vacation retreat than a weekend getaway in a luxurious wine country? Just imagine this intimate, relaxed and romantic atmosphere of a morning brunch, beautiful lush florals all around, a mimosa bar and coffee cocktails… It seems like Mike Larson and his team realized a dream in today’s shoot! We’re... More

Original DIY Wedding Coat Hanger Cake Topper

Sometimes you don’t even guess from what you can make wedding décor elements. For example, you can create a beautiful and charming cake topper from an ordinary coat hanger! You’ll need wire coat hangers, pliers, spray paint, glitter and Mod Podge. Begin by taking your wire cutter pliers and cutting the wire hanger just... More

21 Delicious Wedding Nut Ideas And Ways To Display Them

Nuts are universal snacks, no matter what wedding theme you have, they will be a perfect complement for any wedding menu. If you think that it’s a boring appetizer, it means that you don’t know about the diversity of nuts! You can choose cashews, peanuts, almonds, walnuts and many others. And we don’t need to tell you... More

The Loveliest DIY Stamped Cookie Favors For Your Guests

If you know that your guests have a sweet tooth, then you wouldn’t find any better favor than cookies. Such a sweet and yummy treat is sure to put a smile on their faces and please them. There’re tons of great recipes out there, but let me share  a tutorial of these stamped cookies that are just a sheer cuteness today.... More

Romantic Bridal Boudoir Session At Cherokee Castle

I think after today’s shoot by remarkable photographer Ashley Sawtelle and her team you’ll want to have a boudoir session yourself. Grace and beauty of these photos are amazing! The shoot was inspired by the natural stonework of Cherokee Castle in Colorado. I really love their concept: a stunning vintage robe and pale color... More

25 Gorgeous Ways To Use Ombre Wedding Flowers

Ombre trend still has a huge impact on the fashion world. Ombre details are applied in many ways: hair, dresses, nails, cakes, makeup, etc. It seems like it’s a trend that is sure to stay around! What is more, it’s about to change the way we create floral arrangements. Whether it’s an ombre wedding backdrop or cake’s... More