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34 Fall Vineyard Wedding Ideas To Get Inspired

Vineyard weddings are very romantic and charming – getting married surrounded by beautiful vine – what can be better? As it’s almost fall, we’ve decided to share some exciting fall vineyard ideas with you, let’s get started! The venue will highlight that it’s fall with colorful fall leaves and vines but you can also... More

Pretty Curvy Girl Bridal Boudoir Shoot

It’s undeniable that well-fitted lingerie is an absolute essential, especially on your wonderful after wedding night. However, it’s often hard to find the one you look gorgeous in and feel good, especially if you’re a curvy, fuller-busted woman. Well, don’t panic, because the alphabet doesn’t stop at D! Today’s... More

Vintage-Style DIY Birdcage Veil For Brides

A birdcage veil is kinda a no-fuss veil yet a very pretty and vintage-inspired one. If you don’t want to break the bank with buying this accessory, we want to share an idea on how to make it on your own. ½ yard French netting, measuring tape, scissors, needle, thread, thimble and hair comb. Begin with cutting the netting to... More

15 Girly And Sweet Bridal Shower Details

Do you know that such a common right now wedding event as a bridal shower was originated in 1890s? Many things have changed for more than a hundred years, but the tradition to arrange such parties has been preserved. In the modern world when we all are so bogged down with work and other bustles, it’s so great just to have... More

Warm And Glam DIY Shimmering Smokey Eye Makeup For A Bride

Two great things about a smokey eye makeup are that it fits every skin type, face’s shape, etc. and it can be incredibly versatile in color shades. Today suggesting to you to try mixing copper, brown and cranberry eye-shadows to create a really warm, romantic wedding beauty look. It’s so shimmering and glamorous! Begin with... More

Elegant Wedding With Hints Of Navy And Polka Dots

Nik and Ross have quite clearly poured all their hearts and emotion into the styling and planning of this big day and they’ve definitely pulled it off. From the silver framed photos of loved parents and grandparents on their own wedding days, to the table numbers and wedding signage – everything looks perfectly stylish and... More

22 Creative Wedding Card Box Ideas

If you’re heroically planning your wedding by yourselves, you know how this can become a total mess sometimes in the hustle and bustle. It’s easy to forget such little things as a card box, for example. However, it’s a really good thing to keep in mind and to set up at your wedding. This is how you can keep all these... More

Intimate And Casual Chicago Rooftop Wedding

Staying together on cloud nine – what can be better? That’s why Jennifer and Justin decided to have a rooftop wedding – far from the ground and together in heaven! It was the perfect place to have an intimate ceremony with a close nit group of family and friends present for a casual reception. As I’m a sucker for... More

Indian Summer Outdoor Wedding With An Elegant Twist

Indian weddings are traditionally colorful and cheerful but this one is a traditional celebration with a modern, color-driven twist. Vidya and Krishna designed a day of cultural beauty and modern style, with gorgeous pops of orange everywhere you look. Indian culture was carried throughout much of the wedding décor, from the... More

30 Lovely Corsages For Your Bridesmaids

Such thing as a corsage we usually associate with the end of school and prom. However, they are now a big hit for bridesmaids! Whether worn on your girls’ wrists or pinned to their shoulders, these corsages are great for incorporating your favorite flowers on a wedding day. Plus it’s the best way if you’re tight on... More

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