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Whimsy Pink Flamingo Bridal Shower

Fiery flamingos and bursts of balloons were the inspiration for this gorgeous BHLDN bridal shower. This party is fun, whimsical and full of colors and flowers! Gorgeous linen blush pink tablecloth with coral napkins and vintage mint tableware were used to create a romantic and girlish mood. The balloon installation and... More

The Hottest Wedding Trend: 16 Bridal Crowns

I think that almost every girl dreamed of becoming a princess and with this hottest wedding trend you have such an opportunity! Style savvy and sophisticated brides can enjoy wearing a real crown as a stylish new accessory. Find a crown according to your wedding style: a gemstone one, a fabric, wire or a paper one. There are... More

Awesome And Rustic-Inspired DIY Cigar Boxes Gifts For Groomsmen

Groomsmen are your man’s best buddies, so why not make them feel special and needed with super crafty and cool gifts? If you know that they enjoy a fine cigar, then these gifts are just a perfect way to please them and ask them to assist on your wedding day. The supplies are unfinished single cigar boxes (look for them in any... More

Unique Elopement Inspiration At Salvation Mountain

If you’re considering an elopement, you’re probably already thinking a bit untraditionally. To get an even more original wedding, think of a unique place for the ceremony. This inspiring elopement took place at Salvation Mountain, a God loving, colorful oasis in the middle of nowhere. Bright colors, an untraditional floral... More

30 Most Romantic Peony Wedding Bouquets

There’s something very charming about peony blooms, and I’m a huge fun of peony wedding bouquets. Their actual season is about to end, but I admit that I keep seeing these flowers in real weddings and photoshoots all year round, because many brides simply can’t resist peonies and see them as the best and the most romantic... More

Great Depression Era Wedding Inspiration

The Great Depression was a severe worldwide economic depression in 1930s mostly. And I love how creative this wedding shoot was styled according to these times! The focus was made on incorporating repurposed household items – like an old ironing board for the cake table and a dish drainer displaying beautiful, mismatched... More

DIY Floppy Disk Heart Wedding Backdrop

If you are into 80s, or like geometric designs or just looking for a modern and colorful DIY backdrop for your ceremony, this idea is totally for you! To make this piece you’ll need neon floppy disks –  around 150 for a similar sized installation, poster putty – 8 packs, a heart blueprint. All you need to do is to... More

38 Cozy And Sweet Fall Bridal Shower Ideas

When I think of a fall bridal shower, I imagine something very cozy and so enjoyable! Fall is time when we sit next to the fireplaces, drink hot tea with cinnamon and get warm, so why not do that with your bridesmaids? Take all the fall delights like seasonal fruit and veggies, fall leaves and beautiful flowers, hot drinks and... More

Vivid And Fun Garden Party Bridal Shower

In summer there’s no better way to announce that you’re getting married to your besties than throwing a girls-only fun and charming garden party. Plus we’re ready to share simply awesome inspiration for you if you are about to arrange something like that. It’s feminine, filled with vivid colors of peach, ivory and pink,... More

Funny DIY Confetti Throwers For Your Wedding

Paper confettis are a great alternative to traditional rise to throw all the way when the ceremony is over. With these throwers it is also incredibly easy and fun to do! The materials that you’ll need are some tissue paper in colors that you like, plastic tubes, exacto knife, straight edge and cutting board. Basically, all... More

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