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26 Sweet And Yummy Pancake Wedding Cakes

It’s really great to see so many different wedding cake alternatives from donut to oreo cakes. Today let me introduce you our new favorite type — pancake wedding cakes. There’s something about them that I personally can’t resist, they look so homy, sweet and lovely! Sprinkled with sugar and layered with... More

Delicate And Lovely Floral Wedding Cakes Collection By Rosalind Miller

A floral statement is not only about your wedding flowers, but also about delicate, whimsical and sweet wedding cakes like these by Rosalind Miller. The new collection of cakes by well-known London cake company was inspired by sumptuous floral textiles and couture gowns from Chanel, Marchesa, Giambattista Valli and other famous... More

30 Wonderful Chocolate Cakes For Your Wedding

As a big chocolate lover and simply a person who has a sweet tooth, I think a chocolate wedding cake is the best idea ever. A cake made from chocolate gets more people excited than any other wedding cake flavor. It tastes as good as it looks, and there’s no even need to add some sophisticated designs to the cake, because... More

The Hottest 2014 Wedding Trend: 27 Yummy Buttercream Cakes

Are you ready to jump into the luscious, delicious and sugar-laced world of buttercream? Attention, it’s going to be really delicious, so you might get hungry! This style of a wedding cake used to be popular in 2013 but it’s getting even more vogue in 2014. If you’re not that fond of the quite sweet traditional fondant... More

31 Lovely And Joyful Yellow Wedding Cakes

Yellow is such a wonderful color that can easily let the sun shine in your wedding décor, for example, with these amazing wedding cakes. It represents joy and enlightenment, so why not making yellow a color for beginning of your life together, your wedding? It’s great especially for the upcoming summer and beach soirees, so... More

35 Jaw-Dropping Geometric Cake Designs For A Modern Wedding

When it comes to a wedding cake, the possibilities are truly endless, but most of the brides prefer to stick to classic confections with flowers or pretty piping. Well, how about embracing the geometric cake trend? Geometric cakes are great, especially if you are planning a modern and contemporary wedding. Don’t think that... More

How To Display Multiple Wedding Cakes: 27 Amazing Ideas

Multiple wedding cakes are great for several reasons. First of all, they’re a must-have if you got many guests invited (I mean, you want them all to taste your wedding cake, right?). Moreover, if you don’t want to limit yourself with just one flavor, you can plan a cake bar with different cakes’ fillings. Wondering how to... More

Luxurious And Delicate Cakes By Krishanthi 2014 Collection

As a person who has a sweet tooth, I just can’t take my eyes off these cakes! But they look so gorgeous it almost seems like a crime to eat them. A person behind them, a wonderful artist, as I may say, is Krishanthi Armitt from Cakes By Krishanthi. Her future was evident from an early age with many years spent watching her... More

43 Yummy Summer Wedding Cakes

Delicious sweets and art in one – we’ve rounded up some fantastic summer wedding cakes that would make your mouth water! If you are puzzling over a summer wedding cake for your coming summer celebration, a cool and trendy idea is a naked cake decorated with seasonal fruit, berries and flowers. Naked cakes are the hottest... More

30 Creative And Lovely Hand Painted Wedding Cakes

I’ve seen many really wonderful cakes that aren’t just food but pieces of art with sophisticated design, but these cutest hand painted ones are probably the most touching for me. Hand painted cakes have been slowly popping up on blogs and Pinterest over the last couple of years, and now they’ve become one of the... More

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