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43 Yummy Summer Wedding Cakes

Delicious sweets and art in one – we’ve rounded up some fantastic summer wedding cakes that would make your mouth water! If you are puzzling over a summer wedding cake for your coming summer celebration, a cool and trendy idea is a naked cake decorated with seasonal fruit, berries and flowers. Naked cakes are the hottest... More

30 Creative And Lovely Hand Painted Wedding Cakes

I’ve seen many really wonderful cakes that aren’t just food but pieces of art with sophisticated design, but these cutest hand painted ones are probably the most touching for me. Hand painted cakes have been slowly popping up on blogs and Pinterest over the last couple of years, and now they’ve become one of the... More

33 Stunning Blue Wedding Cakes To Get Inspired

Picking a wedding cake is probably one of the most pleasant stages of the wedding planning process. You have to look at so many beautiful food pieces, which are gorgeously designed, and taste them to choose the best one for you. But some of them look just so unbelievably stunning, that someone like me might hesitate to eat it... More

5 Hottest Wedding Cake Types Of 2014

A wedding cake is rarely top of any wedding planning list but it’s necessary and rather important, so what are the hottest wedding cakes for 2014? Whimsical and romantic wedding cakes. Soft-iced, pink or pastel, embellished with handmade cake toppers, glitter, ribbon or polka dots these are the girliest of the wedding cakes,... More

40 Sweet And Delightful Ideas Of Using Baby’s Breath In Your Wedding

Using baby’s breath flowers in your wedding is one of the best budget-friendly and long-lasting options. Somehow being so cloud-like, sweet and light these lovely flowers create a heavenly atmosphere at your wedding ceremony or reception space. You’ll be surprised at how many ways of using them in your big day’s décor... More

30 Adorable Christmas Wedding Cakes

Those couples who have weddings at Christmas and New Year are getting ready very intensive now, I think. So, for them we’ve gathered a collection of beautiful Christmas cakes for big days. A popular variant is a cake looking like a pile of presents – it’s so exciting and reminds very well of the holidays. Snowmen and... More

Hand Baked Contemporary Beautiful Cakes By Victoria Made

Launched full time in May 2011, Victoria Made specializes in beautiful and contemporary cakes, desserts and cookies for different occasions and weddings specifically. Victoria baked her first cake when she was very young alongside with her grandmother and that’s when her skills as a baker began to develop. Now she creates... More

The Beauty Of The Naked Wedding Cake: 35 Inspirational Ideas

A naked wedding cake… Sounds a little bit weird if not to know exactly what I’m talking about. But I’m sure that you’ve already seen some of them. Naked cakes are those that go sans frosting around the sides of the cake, leaving the cake appeal in its natural and uncovered beauty. We’ve seen a lot of cakes that have a... More

40 Original Halloween Wedding Cakes

If your wedding takes place right on Halloween, you are probably looking for some peculiar décor, table settings and outfits. Don’t forget to surprise the guests with an unusual cake! There are so many cool, funny and spooky ideas! Walking Dead inspired cakes, zombie love cakes, vampire cakes, skulls and bats cakes and many... More

40 Pretty Fabulous Ombre Wedding Cakes

I love the ombre effect! So fading and soft, it looks oh-so-lovely on wedding details like dress or a wedding cake. And there’s actually a plenty of different mixes between bright shades and pastel colors that you may choose according to the whole wedding color palette or even wedding season and make the guests’ hearts... More

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