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19 Fun Ways To Organize A Pizza Food Bar At Your Wedding

There’re tons of interesting ideas of organizing a food bar at your wedding. Have you ever thought of a pizza reception? I mean, who doesn’t love a good slice of fire-backed pizzas, right? So, maybe if you’re planning an informal event with the closest and darling friends and families of yours, you should... More

24 Cool Ways To Serve Ice Cream On Your Big Day

What do you think about ice cream? I’m sure you love it! So if you are looking for tasty and sweet desserts for your wedding, pick ice cream! If you think that it’s only for summer weddings, you’re wrong. Ice cream can be perfect for every season, you just need to think how you’ll decorate and display it. You can... More

25 Adorable And Elegant Bow Wedding Cakes

We can’t imagine a beautiful and chic wedding without little awesome décor details! So today let’s talk about bows on wedding cakes and if you look at pics, you’ll see many ideas. You can choose one big or several little bows, from satin, lace or mastic (you can find bows even from burlap), bright or neutral colors.... More

20 Purely Beautiful Wedding Cakes With Greenery

Greenery wedding trend seems to be gaining more popularity this year. We think it’s really cool, because the little hints of green are a great way to add a touch of organic or foresty theme, fresh up the space a bit. We analyzed a lot of different ways of adding some greenery to your wedding décor, but how about using... More

35 Awesome Ideas To Incorporate Apples Into Your Wedding

I don’t know another such famous fruit as an apple, and what about you? Many couples use it for wedding décor, favors or food, so maybe it’s time to think over how to apply it to your big day! If your wedding is in fall, these apple décor ideas are perfect, just look below at pics and you’ll know how to decorate your... More

25 Elegant And Stylish Striped Wedding Cakes

No matter how you’ll celebrate your wedding, what wedding theme you’ll pick up and how many guests you’ll invite, your cake is one of the most important details and you know it! So you need to think over about your wedding cake as early as possible. Fortunately we have an idea — a cake with stripes. You can choose chic... More

25 Cute Cookie Bar Ideas For Your Wedding

Cookies are great and tasty food at any time, especially for your guests at your wedding. So we offer you to think about organizing a cookie bar! No matter what wedding theme you have, cookies will be good for all of them! You just need to decorate your cookie bar according to your wedding theme. You can make several types of... More

25 Adorable Candy Bar Ideas For Your Wedding

Don’t think that only children love candies, adults love them too. Sometimes even more! So when you are thinking what type of food bar you want, choose a candy bar for your guests. You can choose candies by color (it can be the color that you and your partner really love) and make a monochromatic candy bar. You can... More

40 Cheerful And Playful Polka Dot Wedding Cakes

If you are looking for a gorgeous wedding cake, this roundup is for you! We’ve collected cute, funny and adorable wedding cakes, and all of them are decorated with polka dots! This décor element is good for any type of wedding theme. If you have a rustic wedding, choose simple polka dot cakes, maybe with floral décorations... More

21 Delicious Wedding Nut Ideas And Ways To Display Them

Nuts are universal snacks, no matter what wedding theme you have, they will be a perfect complement for any wedding menu. If you think that it’s a boring appetizer, it means that you don’t know about the diversity of nuts! You can choose cashews, peanuts, almonds, walnuts and many others. And we don’t need to tell you... More