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30 Tasty Wedding Snack Ideas And Ways To Display Them

No matter, what theme you choose for your soiree, where you wanna celebrate your wedding, outdoors or indoors, what menu you prefer, snacks will be always in place! You can make several types of food bars for your guests with various snacks. Depending on what your guests prefer you can choose cute sandwiches, hotdogs or... More

47 Sweet Finger Food Appetizers For Your Wedding

A wedding party in its best traditions is a celebration of two families and their friends. They might not know each other very well, so you should think over carefully, how to introduce the guests to one another. Such a place as a wedding finger buffet is a fun way to feed them and let them chat as they eat. You don’t have to... More

Charming DIY Magnolia Wedding Cake To Bake Yourself

Did we get you inspired with flowerfetti cakes? They’re so cute! Today we decided to share a DIY tutorial, which will tell you how to make magnolia cake by yourself. Would you dare baking your own wedding cake? The recipe is gorgeous, really, so don’t give up too soon. It would be no less gorgeous for a bridal shower, too.... More

The Hottest 2015 Wedding Trend: 25 Lovely Flowerfetti Wedding Cakes

We’ve recently shared the most gorgeous and creative chalkboard wedding cakes, and now we’re about to show you one more latest cake trend, that took out breath away – flowerfetti cakes. These beauties are usually decorated with edible flower petals either scattered like confetti or with full and pretty blooms. This... More

35 Trendy And Fancy Textured Wedding Cakes

Choosing a wedding cake is probably one of the most exciting things when planning a wedding. There’re so many options, it’s seems like to find the one and only cake is almost as hard as to find your wedding dress. However, here’s a popular trend to consider – textured cakes. They’re not only delicious, but also... More

Hand-Painted Wedding Cakes By Nevie-Pie Cakes

A wedding cake can be not only a sweet piece or a dessert, it can become a statement and a masterpiece if you choose it right. We just came across some really pretty hand painted cakes that happen to be the work of UK boutique cake company, Nevie-Pie Cakes. Given that the brilliant mind behind these lovely cakes, Natasha, is an... More

The Hottest 2015 Wedding Trend: 30 Chalkboard Wedding Cakes

We look at wedding inspirational ideas every day, and that’s why we’re able to spot the trends that are popping up. The latest discovery is chalkboard wedding cakes. They’re beautifully dark with hand drawn details to resemble the look of a blackboard. They might look a bit moody, but combined with gentle flowers or other... More

27 Charming Individual Wedding Cakes

I guess there’s a new growing trend for 2015 ­– miniature wedding cakes. They’re just so darn cute, aren’t they? They’re a perfect choice for some intimate and small weddings with attention to the special little details. They can be served either as an individual dessert or for slightly larger weddings as a... More

30 Chic Vintage Style Wedding Cakes With An Old World Feel

Luckily, now cakes come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s a plenty to choose from. However, we’ve noticed that brides are always in need for great wedding cake ideas. So, today we decided to show some of our favorite vintage style cakes, which will make a great addition to your wedding soiree in that theme. You know,... More

Adorable DIY Painted Watercolor Wedding Cake

We’ve already told you of cool watercolor wedding ideas, and today I’d like to share this watercolor wedding cake DIY from BespokeBride blog as it’s spring and watercolor is super trendy and actual like never before. You’ll need butter cream icing, food coloring, new, good quality paint brushes, a plain cake. Cover your... More