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25 Cute Cookie Bar Ideas For Your Wedding

Cookies are great and tasty food at any time, especially for your guests at your wedding. So we offer you to think about organizing a cookie bar! No matter what wedding theme you have, cookies will be good for all of them! You just need to decorate your cookie bar according to your wedding theme. You can make several types of... More

25 Adorable Candy Bar Ideas For Your Wedding

Don’t think that only children love candies, adults love them too. Sometimes even more! So when you are thinking what type of food bar you want, choose a candy bar for your guests. You can choose candies by color (it can be the color that you and your partner really love) and make a monochromatic candy bar. You can... More

40 Cheerful And Playful Polka Dot Wedding Cakes

If you are looking for a gorgeous wedding cake, this roundup is for you! We’ve collected cute, funny and adorable wedding cakes, and all of them are decorated with polka dots! This décor element is good for any type of wedding theme. If you have a rustic wedding, choose simple polka dot cakes, maybe with floral décorations... More

21 Delicious Wedding Nut Ideas And Ways To Display Them

Nuts are universal snacks, no matter what wedding theme you have, they will be a perfect complement for any wedding menu. If you think that it’s a boring appetizer, it means that you don’t know about the diversity of nuts! You can choose cashews, peanuts, almonds, walnuts and many others. And we don’t need to tell you... More

25 Sweet Wedding Donut Ideas And Ways To Display Them

We continue to introduce delicious and fantastic snacks for your wedding and today we gonna pay your attention to donuts! They are so sweet and tasty that all the guests of your wedding will want to try them and your mission is to make various types of donuts for your friends. You can create or buy donuts with glazing,... More

23 Yummy Wedding Burger Ideas And Ways To Display Them

Do you love burgers? And what about the guests of your wedding? We are sure, they do! It’s really an easy-to-make snack, but you can always impress your friends by adding new and original ingredients to a recipe and displaying burgers in a very creative way. No matter what wedding theme you’ll pick up, burgers can be... More

39 Best Fruit And Berry Wedding Desserts

Looking at today’s gallery filled with the most amazing fruit wedding desserts we surely might say that food arrangements are as much décor pieces as a centerpiece, for example. I mean, just look at these delicious beauties, they’re almost too cute to eat them! The best time to arrange fruit and berry wedding desserts is... More

26 Exciting Popcorn Bar Ideas For Your Wedding

We think that popcorn is one of the most famous and common snacks for any party or event. So it’s not a secret that many couples choose it for the wedding and make various and creative popcorn bars for their guests. Maybe you need to think about this idea too? So let’s answer the question why you need to pick up and create... More

30 Tasty Wedding Snack Ideas And Ways To Display Them

No matter, what theme you choose for your soiree, where you wanna celebrate your wedding, outdoors or indoors, what menu you prefer, snacks will be always in place! You can make several types of food bars for your guests with various snacks. Depending on what your guests prefer you can choose cute sandwiches, hotdogs or... More

47 Sweet Finger Food Appetizers For Your Wedding

A wedding party in its best traditions is a celebration of two families and their friends. They might not know each other very well, so you should think over carefully, how to introduce the guests to one another. Such a place as a wedding finger buffet is a fun way to feed them and let them chat as they eat. You don’t have to... More