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24 Delicious And Beautiful Boho Chic Wedding Cakes

Boho chic weddings are gaining popularity due to their relaxed vibe and colorful palettes – perfect for summer and fall! If you are preparing for one, you need to think over each detail, and of course, food isn’t the last part. What about cakes? Can you imagine a cool bohemian-inspired cake? If you hesitate, this article... More

Victorian Wedding Tradition: 30 Delicious Grooms’ Cakes

“Groom’s cakes… What does that even mean?” you ask. I’ll tell you that it’s a long wedding tradition, which we all have forgotten partially. It dates back to Victorian Britain and is still observed by the British Royal family nowadays. There also were the bride’s cake, but it was usually much simpler than the... More

35 Lovely Rustic-Inspired Country Wedding Cakes

Cutting your wedding cake in front of all your friends and family is one of the most important wedding traditions. So, it’s important to choose the cake well! Pretty much like any other detail of your wedding décor, the cake should somehow reflect the theme that you’ve chosen for your memorable soiree. Spring and summer... More

33 Yummy Spring Wedding Appetizers You’ll Like

Spring wedding season has officially begun and I know that you, spring love birds, have already prepared a lot for your big day. What about food? Have you chosen the right dishes to excite all the guests? Spring is green time, so I’d advise you to pay attention to vegetables, greenery and even fruit. Sandwiches, rolls and... More

The Hottest 2015 Wedding Trend: 42 Succulent Wedding Cakes

Love is sweet: so it goes without saying that your wedding day isn’t complete without a tasty treat! For those of you brides and grooms who are looking for the perfect wedding cake to cut at your reception, you’ll quickly realize you have a lot of options. Well, something you can do is tap into one of spring and summer’s... More

35 Fabulous Spring Wedding Cakes That You’ll Love

If you are planning a spring wedding and thinking over desserts, let them eat cake! We’ve prepared awesome ideas for a spring wedding cake that will beautifully highlight the season. Go for bright sprig colors: pink, red, green and yellow, or try pastels for a tender touch. Many tiers or several small cakes, pancake or usual... More

30 Adorable Valentine’s Day Wedding Cakes

Valentine’s Day is rather close and I know that you, guys, have already started preparations. I’d like to share super cool Valentine-themed cakes, which are suitable for Valentine weddings and just for your celebration. What will look great on such a day? Well, try hearts and roses for your cake – these are two symbolic... More

6 Cool Ways To Style Your Dessert Table

Your dessert table can become a wow factor with minimal fuss and a small budget. So, here are some ideas to decorate your dessert table easily and in a stylish way. Draws of flowers. Put your bouquets (and your bridesmaids bouquets) to good use after your aisle decent. Use them to fill dresser draws or align them across your... More

34 Pretty One-Tier Wedding Cakes To Get Inspired

Multiple-layered cakes aren’t always necessary for weddings. Well, yeah, those extra layers certainly give some luxurious and exquisite feel, but if you don’t strive for this or/and looking for ways to cut down your budget, boldly choose single layer cakes. They can be no less eye-catching and pretty and they certainly have... More

Wedding Cake Alternative: 26 Delicious Mini Cheesecakes

We’ve already told you about cheesecake wedding cakes that are a wonderful alternative to a traditional cake. Another idea is cheesecake bites or mini cakes with various fruit, berries and flavors, so that every guest could choose a dessert according to his or her taste. You can order one cheesecake or usual cake and add mini... More