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17 Eye-Catching Boho Winter Wedding Ideas

It’s popular to get married during warmer months, and a wedding in the winter season might seem a challenge for many couples. However, most of the wedding themes can be arranged in winter as well. For example, even bohemian style might be a perfect choice for a winter wedding with all its coziness and intimacy. Think... More

Original DIY Wedding Button Cupcake Toppers

If you picked up cupcakes as desserts for your wedding, you’ll need our idea! Of course you’ll serve them and make a dessert bar with various cupcakes. And for some of them you can create unique cake toppers, why not? For making these décor elements you’ll need wood skewer sticks, glue and buttons. Choose beautiful and... More

28 Cozy And Warming Up Rustic Winter Wedding Ideas

If you like thinking over every little décor detail and you’re sure that you wanna a rustic themed wedding, continue reading and look at our collected pics! This style will be perfect for cold winter days, you can create calm, cozy and very friendly atmosphere for your guests. Be attentive to table décor elements, make... More

Sweet And Romantic Pastel Vintage Wedding Table Setting

Today’s editorial from Sweet Style photography is like a romantic vintage dream. It’s all about table settings and décor, which have everything we all so love about retro design at its best: china glass, floral arrangements, lovely stationery, bud vases, mason jars and knitted table linen. We’re also in love... More

25 Enchanting Winter Wedding Ideas In Grey Shades

Winter is a beautiful time to get married! However, it might be difficult to decide on which color scheme to choose since you don’t want your soiree to look overly Christmas (unless that’s the theme you love). There’re many different options to choose from and today we’re sharing one of them. We think... More

25 Cool Sparkler Wedding Décor Ideas

Let your wedding be brighter! With sparklers it can be real and you’ll get an awesome detail for your wedding. First of all, you can use sparklers as additions to your wedding invitations. Second, add them to your table centerpieces or just place them near the guest plates as small gifts. Of course sparklers will look good at... More

24 Yummy Gingerbread Wedding Décor Ideas

We all know gingerbread cookies and houses, and of course we know that these desserts are very delicious and perfect for every party, for example, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, baby shower or just a simple family party. But what about weddings? And how you can incorporate gingerbreads into your big day? First of all, you can... More

Creative DIY Straw Wedding Backdrop To Make

We’ve already told you about making various wedding décor details from straws. So it’s time for creating a backdrop from them! Let’s start! You’ll need string, plastic straws, spray paint, large needle, scissors, command hooks or clear tacks and clips. Cut your straws in half. You will need approximately 1500 cut... More

21 Hot Chocolate Bar Ideas For Your Winter Wedding

A hot cocoa or chocolate bar is a perfect idea for every winter wedding! No matter what wedding theme you’ll have, you won’t regret if you pick up such a bar. Your guests (adults and kids) will love this idea, you just need to style the bar depending on your wedding theme. You should think over all the details of your bar:... More

22 Funny Ways To Incorporate Lollipops Into Your Wedding

If you love various sweets, you’ll like this article! We’ve already told you about awesome and tasty candy bars, but today we wanna share some lollipop wedding ideas with you. So let’s add colors and a piece of summer into your big day! You can pick up a lollipop wedding theme and incorporate candies everywhere: add them... More