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40 Relaxed Boho Chic Beach Wedding Ideas

Bohemian weddings are a hit right now because they are relaxed, colorful and fun; beach weddings are always super actual because it’s just a dream – walking down the beach aisle with breeze in your face. But what if we mix these two ideas in one? It’ll be just gorgeous! Boho chic beach weddings are incredibly relaxed,... More

Breathtakingly Beautiful Spanish Wedding Inspiration In The Desert

“Oh my!” This was literally my reaction when I first looked at today’s photos. They’re just mind-blowing and they plunge us into rather a mystical atmosphere of the ancient architecture and natural landscape of rural Spain. You can explore the influences of Spain, almost taste the true spirit of it and learn... More

‘Wild Love’ Bohemian Bridal Shoot With Stunning Lace Gowns

We’ve got such an amazing bridal editorial for you today, and it’s all about free-spirited bohemian style in its finest. The shoot, captured by 35mm Wedding Photography, has a title “Wild Love” and an idea behind it, which is about showing graceful bohemian beauty. The quote by Dean Jackson describes the photo session... More

34 Bold And Eye-Catching Boho Chic Wedding Centerpieces

We continue boho chic wedding theme, which is so actual for summer and fall soirees, and today I’d like to inspire you with my favorite centerpieces. Such a wedding theme as boho allows to go completely bold, so don’t hesitate to choose bright flowers and various eye-catching details to rock boho chic. Colorful vases and... More

DIY Low Cost South African Steampunk Wedding

A dairy farm in South Africa was the location for Philip and Lily’s steampunk wedding. Wearing a unique dress and thrifted accessories, the bride planned the day to reflect their mutual love of their chosen theme, and then while planning the couple added DIY and Alice in Wonderland ideas. The guys wanted their big day to be a... More

Colorful Backyard Picnic And Barbecue Wedding

Bright colors and floral patterns wherever you look. Today’s picnic-style backyard soirée must be one of the most colorful weddings I’ve ever laid eyes on, and it’d do stylish! This Lisbon wedding theme was “Backyard Picnic and Barbecue” and that’s exactly what happened. The ceremony took place in a private corner... More

40 Boho Chic Wedding Table Settings To Get Inspired

Bohemian style is amazing for spring, summer and fall weddings, it’s colorful, relaxed and amusing. How can you apply this style to your wedding table décor? Let’s start from centerpieces: mix various colorful bottles as vases and lots and lots of flowers and feather to achieve that special boho charm. Bright folk-, gypsy-... More

Amazing DIY Ribbon Bride And Groom Chairs’ Signs

Wedding day is y-o-u-r day completely, so if you want to highlight it in the décor as much as possible, that’s fine. Want to decorate spectacular bride & groom thrones? Go ahead! We found really cool chair sign ideas, which you can make on your own with just a small list of supplies. I’m currently loving all about... More

Cheerful And Bright DIY Paper Butterfly Escort Cards

These bright and cheerful DIY butterfly escort cards will set your heart a flutter – especially when you discover how simple they are to make! You will need: origami paper, string in various colors, watercolor paper, watercolor paint, a paint brush, a glue gun, a pencil and Martha Stewart Glass Adhesive Stencil. Cut out a... More

40 Stunning Lush Greenery Wedding Table Runners

Greenery just can’t be more natural than for spring and summer weddings, and you can use it for every type of décor, from chandeliers to aisles. I’d like to tell you about greenery table runners – it’s an awesome way to refresh your table décor. Get some greenery, moss and leaves and create a wonderful table... More