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Amazing And Unique DIY Felt Wedding Bouquet

A flower bouquet that will never wither… Sounds wonderful, right? Make it entirely from felt! It’d be original, totally unique and really-really beautiful! To make it you’ll need DIY felt flowers, wool felt in sage, good scissors, hot glue gun, 26 gauge floral wire, wire cutter and wide ribbon. First of all you need to... More

Simple And Lovely DIY Wild Rose Wedding Backdrop

They say that there’s a beauty in simplicity. Looking at this sweet wild rose wedding backdrop I begin to agree with that. It’s as fun as it’s easy and it fills the room with lovely floral scent. For this project you’ll need wild spray roses, clippers, waterproof first aid tape or nails and yard stick. First you need to... More

Awesome And Rustic-Inspired DIY Cigar Boxes Gifts For Groomsmen

Groomsmen are your man’s best buddies, so why not make them feel special and needed with super crafty and cool gifts? If you know that they enjoy a fine cigar, then these gifts are just a perfect way to please them and ask them to assist on your wedding day. The supplies are unfinished single cigar boxes (look for them in any... More

DIY Floppy Disk Heart Wedding Backdrop

If you are into 80s, or like geometric designs or just looking for a modern and colorful DIY backdrop for your ceremony, this idea is totally for you! To make this piece you’ll need neon floppy disks –  around 150 for a similar sized installation, poster putty – 8 packs, a heart blueprint. All you need to do is to... More

Funny DIY Confetti Throwers For Your Wedding

Paper confettis are a great alternative to traditional rise to throw all the way when the ceremony is over. With these throwers it is also incredibly easy and fun to do! The materials that you’ll need are some tissue paper in colors that you like, plastic tubes, exacto knife, straight edge and cutting board. Basically, all... More

Chic DIY Wine Bottle Table Numbers

These beautiful table numbers are very easy to make and great for a vineyard or vintage wedding. The supplies are wine bottles, paper doilies, paper Mod Podge, acrylic paint, a sea sponge, a sponge brush, house numbers, 20 lb picture wire. Use gray and tan paint to sponge on the doilies giving them a “worn or old” look.... More

Sweet And Easy DIY Crown Braid Hairstyle

This easy yet very adorable and pretty braided hairstyle would be perfect for basically any event from a more informal and intimate one like a bridal shower to a chic wedding soiree. I also love how gorgeously it matches bright pink lips. Start with a reverse braid on the side of your head. Braid down the other side of your... More

Creative DIY Mason Jar Place Cards

Just recently we spoke about creative ways of using mason jars, and today we share one more awesome idea – mason jar place cards, which are perfect for a bridal shower as well as for a wedding party. You can really get creative on this project without breaking the bank. You’ll need mason jars, tissue paper, spray paint, mod... More

Extremely Easy DIY Gold Wood Signs

This craft is ideal for a rustic wedding, these signs are ideal and easy to make! Take letter stickers of your choice, Martha Stewart Gold Liquid Gilding, a small paintbrush, a wood block of your choice, few sheets of newspaper to use as protection. Lay out few newspaper sheets and pick your letter stickers. Do NOT peel the... More

Rustic And Nature Inspired DIY Terrarium Centerpiece

For a nature inspired wedding this graphic terrarium centerpiece would be just great! It looks a bit rustic, very original, and making it as easy as pie! To make it you’ll need a terrarium, slate shale, soil, an assortment of succulents and/or cacti and protective gardening gloves. First of all you need to line the bottom of... More

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