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Original DIY Wedding Button Cupcake Toppers

If you picked up cupcakes as desserts for your wedding, you’ll need our idea! Of course you’ll serve them and make a dessert bar with various cupcakes. And for some of them you can create unique cake toppers, why not? For making these décor elements you’ll need wood skewer sticks, glue and buttons. Choose beautiful and... More

Cute DIY Stamped Favor Bags For Your Wedding

If you decided that you need cute and cozy bags for your beautiful wedding favors, we’ll show how you to make them. This project is very fast and so simple. Let’s create them! You will need just small cotton drawstring muslin bags, water-based ink pad, Thank You stamp and heart stamp. Start with clean bags (you may want to... More

DIY Fresh Floral Rings For Your Bridesmaids

If you want your bridal shower to be unique and memorable, make something together with your gals! For example, these beautiful floral jewelry pieces would look awesome on your bridesmaids on your big day. They’re really easy-to-make, so it’s a perfect DIY activity to enjoy while drinking champagne and eating light lunch.... More

Lovely DIY Peppermint Bath Salts For Bridesmaids

If you want your best gals to be really touched by the gifts, make something like this bath salts yourself! They definitely gonna enjoy using them during cold winter months. Here’s what you need for this project: 2.5 c. Epsom salts, 1.5 c. Himalayan sea salts, 10 drops of red food coloring, 20 drops of peppermint extract, ½... More

Dreamy DIY Lace Ballet Flats For Brides

Gentle, dreamy, perfect and adorable! It’s all about these lace flats. And of course they are so comfortable! For this project you’ll need glue, sharp scissors, quick un-pick, pins, needle, thread, lace and tulle and pair of lacy or soft fabric ballet flats. First remove the tape binding the top edge of the shoes using the... More

Adorable DIY Fall Paper Flower Favors For Your Wedding Guests

How lovely it would be to receive something like that at a party! These crepe paper chrysanthemums look simple yet adorable, they’re sure to put smiles on your guests’ faces on your wedding day. Here’s what you need to get started: crepe paper streamers in chrysanthemum colors – purple, dark red, yellow, blush, white,... More

Creative DIY Straw Wedding Backdrop To Make

We’ve already told you about making various wedding décor details from straws. So it’s time for creating a backdrop from them! Let’s start! You’ll need string, plastic straws, spray paint, large needle, scissors, command hooks or clear tacks and clips. Cut your straws in half. You will need approximately 1500 cut... More

Easy-To-Make DIY Bridal Twist And Wrap Ponytail

Wanna know how to easily make a bridal hairstyle? Then continue reading. For creating this ponytail you’ll need hairspray, hairband and bobby pins. First you need to add waves and texturizer or hairspray. Then gather into a side ponytail and secure with a hairband. Now separate the hair in two above the hairband and flip... More

Lovely DIY Bridesmaid’s Floral Belt To Make

There’re a lot of cute ways to ask your best gals to be your bridesmaids. One of them is arranging an intimate yet fun party where you all can talk, drink and do something you love. We do love the creative approach and suggesting you to have a creative DIY party, where you can make some handmade stuff together. For example,... More

Romantic DIY Balloon With Silk Flowers For Weddings

Do you like peonies? We do! These are the most gentle and romantic flowers in the world. But today, in these fall-winter seasons, you can use faux peonies, for example, from gentle silk! You will need silk flowers (mauve peony, peach peony, coral peony, peony spray, cream pink peony, greens), giant balloon, floral tape,... More