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Easy-To-Make And Vintage-Inspired DIY Blusher Veil

A simple and cute veil you can make very fast, if you have at least 30 minutes. Let’s start! For this project you will need tulle, Russian tulle, comb, chiffon flutter appliqué, hot glue and scissors. First of all cut your tulle into 14″X14″ squares. Then round off one side of both pieces of your tulle squares.... More

Cute DIY Ice Cream Garland Decor For Your Bridal Shower

Is ice cream your and your best gals most favorite treat? Make it the theme of your bachelorette party! It’s gonna be so amazing, plus we’ve got the cutest décor idea to share with you – an ice cream garland! You can easily make it yourself in colors of your choice. Here’s what you need to get started: mini... More

Romantic DIY Table Numbers For Your Big Day

If you like (or are looking for) elegant and romantic wedding décor ideas, this DIY is for you! For this project you’ll need spray paint, ceramic candleholders, small oval photo frames, printable table numbers, vintage saucers, gold crepe paper, scissors, hot glue, foamy double-sided tape and paper rosebud embellishments.... More

Gentle DIY Dip-Dyed Coffee Filter Wedding Backdrop

Sometimes you can create absolutely adorable things from simple ones. Just take a look at this charming wedding backdrop! You will need 900 coffee filters, plastic bowls, stapler, staples, fishing line, scissors, needle, fabric dye, large trash bags, long twist ties, packing tape and yardstick or long wooden dowel. First start... More

Delightful DIY Messy French Twist Hairstyle For Brides

An absolutely adorable hairstyle will be a great part of your gentle bridal look. Start by preparing the hair with hairspray. Spray generously and quickly blow dry in cold setting and dry with fingers. Then take your comb and start teasing the crown section. Next add a little bit of tease to the sides and lightly tease the... More

Unique And Gorgeous DIY 3D Printed Bridal Headpiece

3D print technology is like magic, really. Right now if you have a good 3D printer, you can print pretty much anything you want, even a hair accessory. Crazy, right? However, it’s not a common thing everyone has in their houses. Gladly, gals from A Practical Wedding together with HP shared their unique experience on how... More

DIY Nautical Buoy Garland For Your Big Day

Plan your wedding in nautical style? Then you’ll love this idea! You’ll need self-healing cutting mat, large cardboard box, box cutter, scissors, flat head screw driver, rope, white paint and other colors of your choice, paint brushes, painters tape, hot glue gun, glue sticks and canvas drop cloth. Lay your cardboard box... More

Floral Paper DIY Wedding Confetti Cones

Today we wanna show you a cute and gentle décor detail for your adorable wedding — confetti cones! You can fill cones with rose petals or confetti and hang on chairs. You will need printable scrapbook paper, scissors, ruler, pencil, double-sided tape, crepe paper, floral tape and hot glue. First assemble the craft materials.... More

DIY Decorated Oreo Cookie Favors For Wedding Guests

Is there a better gift than delicious sweets packed in a beautiful box? I mean, who doesn’t love Oreos, right? Decorate them beautifully to match your color theme with today’s tutorial and gladden your wedding guests at the ceremony or party. Here’s what you need to gather to get started: Oreo cookies, white... More

Glamorous DIY Gold Wire Napkin Rings For Fall Weddings

If you like to think over every little detail, you’ll appreciate this project. You will need gold jewelry wire, PVC pipe (1 1/4 inch diameter, 6 inches long) and needle-nose pliers. First hold the PVC pipe as a napkin ring form in one hand and use your thumb to firmly hold down one end of the gold wire on top of it. Using the... More