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Chic And Tasteful DIY Wrist Corsage With Roses

If you repeat all the steps of this instruction, you’ll get an adorable and elegant floral bracelet for your bridesmaids. You’ll need aluminum floral wire (gauge 12), ribbon, spray roses, dusty miller, floral adhesive, two pieces of card stock (cut into a 1” diameter circle) and glue gun. Take your first piece of... More

Adorable DIY Mini Clay Envelops For Your Bridal Shower

These little envelopes are seriously the cutest things I’ve ever seen! They’d be so wonderful for your upcoming bridal shower or even wedding! You’re going to enjoy working with clay for sure and as a result you’ll get these pretties that will make your guests smile. Here’s what you need to get... More

Natural And Simple DIY Low Knot Hairstyle

If you prefer simple, natural hairstyles to sophisticated updos, you gonna love today’s tutorial. This low knot is incredibly versatile: it works well with mid-length as well as with long hair, with a slinky gown as well as a more informal dress. You can make it yourself in minutes and rock at your next pre-wedding event.... More

DIY Rustic Woodland Wedding Card Box

It’s not such a difficult project, but it’ll take some time. So let’s start! You will need a box, spray paint, sticks, faux leaves, preserved moss, two small pine cones and hot glue. Grab your shoe box and spray paint. Spray paint your box. Once your paint is dry heat up your glue gun and begin gluing large chunks of moss... More

DIY Retro 1940s Inspired Wedding Hairstyle

While everyone seems to be obsessed with the roaring 20s, we find timelessly elegant the 1940s epoch. This vintage roll hairstyle has a bit of a modern edge and you can recreate it by yourself in just a few moments. No hairstylist needed! Here’s what you need to get started with the tutorial: straight hair, styling... More

DIY Floral Balloon Garland For Wedding Decor

Wanna original garland ideas for your wedding? Let’s make it! You will need 1 bunch naked seeded eucalyptus, 1 to 2 stems of long Italian ruscus, 3 or 4 peach Juliette garden roses from your local florist, floral clippers, green floral tape and floral wire. First clip small pieces of the eucalyptus pods off of the main stem... More

Easy-To-Make DIY Silhouette Cake Toppers

You can make any cake toppers to make your cake stylish, and today we’make silhouette ones. For this project you will need black paper, an X-Acto knife, glue and a cutting mat. Take a picture (find a simple image of the motif you’d like use such as the deer or hearts) and trace over it with a black marker or using a... More

Creative And Cute DIY Paint Can Guests’ Favors

Mini anything is adorable, isn’t it? These paint cans are just too cute and versatile enough to fit any celebration, especially if you love color and everything about art. Make them as pleasant little gifts for your wedding or bridal shower guests. They will be able to take home a can of goodies in their favorite hue.... More

Cute DIY Confetti Cones For Your Wedding

If you’ve made all the big planning decisions for your wedding, it’s time to concentrate on little details. You probably have time for some simple yet fun DIYs, so why not fill your wedding with personalized handmade elements? For example, make theseadorable doily cones, which make super pretty confetti holders or... More

Cute DIY Floral Wine Glass Charm

Accessories for your wine glasses are almost a must on your wedding table not to mix up glasses. So for this project you will need 26 gauge floral wire (cut into 5” pieces), wire cutters, floral tape, clippers, flowers, stemmed glass and wine. First you need to cut flower stems to approximately ½ inch in length. For flowers... More