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10 Tips For Baking Your Own Wedding Cake

Many wedding professionals do not recommend baking your own wedding cake. Well, it’s definitely easier and less stressful to give it into the hands of professionals and save yourself from being totally stressed out in a day before wedding. However, if you have done all the planning and are left with little to do, baking a... More

Lovely DIY Wedding Updo For Naturally Curly Hair

It’s common as well as tragic that women with curly hair want them to be straight and vice versa straight hair women want to curl them. It’s time to embrace and love what we have! Today’s wedding updo tutorial is for those who’re lucky to have naturally curly hair. You know better than anybody else, that working with... More

Pretty DIY Pearl Hairpins To Adorn Your Wedding Hairstyle

Personally I hate those little fake flowers hairpins, which some brides like to include into their wedding hairstyle. Isn’t it much prettier to use pearl headpins? I think it definitely is, because they bring some elegance into your look and can be indispensable when creating a half-up hairstyle. These pearl hairpins you can... More

Rustic And Elegant Aspen Winter Wedding Inspiration

Having a winter wedding is a real challenge, at least because you have to brave the cold for beautiful photos. However, when you look at them after your fairytale-like wedding soiree is over your heart melts. So, it’s all worth it and many-many wonderful and breathtaking shoots may serve as a confirmation of this. Today’s... More

17 Smart Casual Looks With Sweaters For A Groom And His Men

We started a new week with an article about groomsmen’s gifts, so I think it makes sense to continue all about the boys theme. Let’s talk about one of the latest trends in groomswear – smart casual. If you hate the strict formality of wedding clothes, you will definitely fall in love with this trend. What is more, I think... More

Stylish Flasks From Izola – A Perfect Gift For Groomsmen

I’m sure you agree that sometimes finding a perfect gift for your man can be so hard. When it comes to his buddies, the task is even harder, because you’re not even supposed to know what they like. Puzzling over how to please them? You may want to consider these stylish flasks from Izola. Such a manly gift has proven itself... More

27 Glamorous Chandeliers Wedding Decor Ideas

If you want to add a bit of luxury, a strikingly gorgeous vibe to your reception décor, chandeliers can help you to take your wedding to the next level. They’re just pure magic! Few more glamorous accents never hurt, moreover, I think that they should never be left out on a wedding. Even just one or two chandeliers can... More

Lovely Canoe Trash The Dress Post-Wedding Shoot In Texas

Have you ever heard of trash the dress shoots? It’s also known as “fearless bridal” or “rock the frock”. Intrigued already? Well, me too, because it’s one of my favorite trends in destination weddings. The main idea of that style of wedding photography is to shoot the bride in elegant clothing in the background of... More

Perfectly Polished And Sexy DIY Hot Toddy Hairstyle For Your Wedding

If before it seemed impossible for you to make the perfect waves, after today’s tutorial you gonna master wave-to-curl ratio. This is the best down-do hairstyle for looking lovely and polished at your wedding, if you want to show the real beauty of your long locks. To recreate it you’ll need medium sized curling iron with... More

Lake Louise Ski Resort Winter Wedding With Woodland Details

Winter is coming! It’s actually very long in the western mountains, where Haley and Noel decided to celebrate their nuptials. It was a natural fit for both of them, because they’re true outdoor adventurers at heart and wanted to share this love for active outdoor living with their darling family and friends. Wondering how... More