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Enchanting Classics: 35 Most Gorgeous Strapless Wedding Dresses

New and thrilling dress neckline types are only starting to popping up in weddings, and strapless gowns seem to rule the world still. They’re by far the most common style and the classics for wedding dresses, which remains popular among many brides-to-be. It’s not surprising, because a strapless dress looks incredibly... More

‘Wild Love’ Bohemian Bridal Shoot With Stunning Lace Gowns

We’ve got such an amazing bridal editorial for you today, and it’s all about free-spirited bohemian style in its finest. The shoot, captured by 35mm Wedding Photography, has a title “Wild Love” and an idea behind it, which is about showing graceful bohemian beauty. The quote by Dean Jackson describes the photo session... More

25 Airy And Romantic Empire Waist Wedding Dresses

There’re so many gorgeous wedding dress types out there, it seems to be an impossible task to find the only one for you! However, if you at least know what style you love, whether it’s vintage, boho or ultra modern, or know the reception you want, it makes the task a bit easier. Empire wedding dresses are great for garden... More

Luxurious And Pretty Bridal Garters From The Wedding Garter Co

Are you planning to wear a garter on your wedding day? There’s a bit silly tradition behind this, which says that taking a garter of the bride will bring good luck. However, even if you’re not that superstitious, there’re garters looking so precious and pretty, it’s hard to resist. The Wedding Garter Co makes wonderful... More

Divine DIY Coconut Milk Conditioner To Please Your Bridesmaids

Making cosmetics by yourself can be kind of an obsessive thing, you know! However, it’s sometimes much cheaper than store-bought, it’s natural and organic. A product like this coconut milk conditioner, made with love and care, can be a perfect addition to a beauty basket for your best gals at your bridal shower or... More

The Most Romantic And Moving Surprise Vow Reneval

Some young people refuse or delay for indefinite time their thoughts of marriage, because they don’t believe it lasts. However, more and more vow renewal or anniversary shoots are popping up lately, and it only proves that it’s in your hands to make your marriage experience great. Benjamin and Alex have been married for 7... More

Victorian Wedding Tradition: 30 Delicious Grooms’ Cakes

“Groom’s cakes… What does that even mean?” you ask. I’ll tell you that it’s a long wedding tradition, which we all have forgotten partially. It dates back to Victorian Britain and is still observed by the British Royal family nowadays. There also were the bride’s cake, but it was usually much simpler than the... More

Creative DIY Balloon Cocktail Engagement Party Invitation

What’s the easiest way to get your guests excited about the upcoming party? Creative invitations, I’d say! This DIY balloon engagement party invitation is a gift in and of itself as a mini cocktail kit. So cool, right? Here’s what you need to make it: clear plastic cocktail shaker, small cocktail glass, mini bottle of... More

35 Lovely Rustic-Inspired Country Wedding Cakes

Cutting your wedding cake in front of all your friends and family is one of the most important wedding traditions. So, it’s important to choose the cake well! Pretty much like any other detail of your wedding décor, the cake should somehow reflect the theme that you’ve chosen for your memorable soiree. Spring and summer... More

Amazing DIY Ribbon Bride And Groom Chairs’ Signs

Wedding day is y-o-u-r day completely, so if you want to highlight it in the décor as much as possible, that’s fine. Want to decorate spectacular bride & groom thrones? Go ahead! We found really cool chair sign ideas, which you can make on your own with just a small list of supplies. I’m currently loving all about... More