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27 Glamorous Chandeliers Wedding Decor Ideas

If you want to add a bit of luxury, a strikingly gorgeous vibe to your reception décor, chandeliers can help you to take your wedding to the next level. They’re just pure magic! Few more glamorous accents never hurt, moreover, I think that they should never be left out on a wedding. Even just one or two chandeliers can... More

Lovely Canoe Trash The Dress Post-Wedding Shoot In Texas

Have you ever heard of trash the dress shoots? It’s also known as “fearless bridal” or “rock the frock”. Intrigued already? Well, me too, because it’s one of my favorite trends in destination weddings. The main idea of that style of wedding photography is to shoot the bride in elegant clothing in the background of... More

Perfectly Polished And Sexy DIY Hot Toddy Hairstyle For Your Wedding

If before it seemed impossible for you to make the perfect waves, after today’s tutorial you gonna master wave-to-curl ratio. This is the best down-do hairstyle for looking lovely and polished at your wedding, if you want to show the real beauty of your long locks. To recreate it you’ll need medium sized curling iron with... More

Lake Louise Ski Resort Winter Wedding With Woodland Details

Winter is coming! It’s actually very long in the western mountains, where Haley and Noel decided to celebrate their nuptials. It was a natural fit for both of them, because they’re true outdoor adventurers at heart and wanted to share this love for active outdoor living with their darling family and friends. Wondering how... More

25 Awesome Ways To Use Quotes On Your Wedding Day

Along with such trends as calligraphy wedding ideas and initials wedding décor there’s another one similar, which becomes increasingly popular. We’re talking about using quotes for your wedding. This is a great way to add a romantic, meaningful touch to your big day. Whether you cite the wisest minds of the past or maybe... More

Beautiful DIY Fall Wedding Makeup In Pastel Shades And Golden Tones

Quoting the brilliant Bobby Brown, “your makeup should change with seasons”. You wouldn’t argue with a pro like her, would you? Plus it makes perfect sense to change a bit the colors of your makeup and choose warm pastels and touches of gold, embracing the blustery fall weather. For a bride is also important that her... More

Creative And Romantic DIY Camp-Themed Wedding In Canada

I think that when you together with your darling ones unite the efforts for the one and only DIY wedding, it turns out to be the most heart-touching, intimate and very personal event. Of course, it’s not easy and you all shouldn’t mind getting your hands dirty when it comes to constructing wood signage or detailed... More

23 Stunning High Neckline Wedding Dresses

We all want to be the prettiest on our wedding day, so that hearts of our darling ones came to a stand still at the moment of your appearance. With so many stunning options, it may be so hard to choose your one and only gown. We’ve been sharing some of our favorite dresses’ styles lately to show you different models of... More

Beautiful And Easy DIY Weeping Wedding Bouquet

Collecting and making your wedding bouquet yourself sounds really challenging and tricky. But it’s not always true. Besides, if you’re low on budget and don’t want to spend extra money on a florist, is a good way out. A weeping bouquet has something that is wild and emotional, and making it seems much easier than it... More

Eclectic Sunset Rooftop Wedding In New York

I love it when a couple somehow reflects the moments of their history in the idea of their wedding. For example, Imogen and Reuben shared the love of nature, vintage and New York. They met and fell in love in Manhattan and got engaged at a cabin in the woods, so it made perfect sense to arrange wedding on an urban loft with a... More