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The Best Wedding Outfit And Style Ideas Of July 2015

In case you’ve missed, here are some of the best wedding outfit and style ideas we’ve covered on Weddingomania during July 2015. 22 Gorgeous Tattoo Groom Looks To Get Inspired Feminine Elizabeth Stuart 2015 Spring Bridal Dresses... More

The Best Wedding Decor Inspirations Of July 2015

In case you’ve missed, here are some of the best wedding decor inspirations we’ve covered on Weddingomania during July 2015. 21 Most Gorgeous Garden Rose Bridal Bouquets 25 Vintage-Inspired Great Gatsby Themed Rehearsal Dinner... More

The Best DIY Projects For Your Wedding Of July 2015

In case you’ve missed, here are some of the best DIY wedding projects we’ve covered on Weddingomania during July 2015. 13 Creative DIY Wedding Garland Ideas Chic DIY Gold Painted Vases For A Wedding... More

25 Cute Cookie Bar Ideas For Your Wedding

Cookies are great and tasty food at any time, especially for your guests at your wedding. So we offer you to think about organizing a cookie bar! No matter what wedding theme you have, cookies will be good for all of them! You just need to decorate your cookie bar according to your wedding theme. You can make several types of... More

Easy DIY Mr. And Mrs. Burlap Wedding Banner

Burlap is one of the coolest materials to work with. It’s rather inexpensive, popular and it gives you tons of possibilities to get creative. We’ve got a really fun and easy project using burlap as a main supply to share with you. It’s a burlap banner, which would be a perfect personalized décor element at your... More

Unique And Modern Jennifer Gifford’s Wedding Dresses Collection

To my mind, a wedding is a once in a lifetime experience. All those fittings, appointments, arrangements are pretty exhausting, to be honest, but this is just a unique process of planning your most important day. Wedding dress designer Jennifer Gifford knows that for sure and creates limited gowns made from special fabrics and... More

25 Beautiful Wedding Floral Arches To Get Inspired

If thinking about my dream wedding, it will definitely include lots of flowers. Not only it’s a huge trend right now, it’s the most romantic way to decorate your venue. If you love an explosion of flowers too, you gonna love today article about the most gorgeous floral arches that will make you say “I do”. Just imagine... More

Original DIY Airplant Boutonniere For Grooms And Groomsmen

Airplants are an original type of plants for wedding decor and they won’t wither! That’s why today we wanna show you how to make an airplant boutonniere for your groom or his groomsmen. It’s not so difficult, and you can create even 3 various types of accessory. You will need two types or colors of paper per... More

Lovely DIY Rose Bath Salts Gifts For Bridesmaids

In this hectic modern life we used to take a shower instead of a bath. However, how wonderful it is to enjoy some time while soaking in the hot water, isn’t it? These bath salts packaged in a pretty bottle would be such a treat for your best gals. The minerals in this organic mix will leave the skin softer and remove toxins.... More

21 Funny Kissing Booth Ideas For Your Wedding

Do you know about kissing booths? We hope you do! If you are planning your wedding in rustic or retro style, you can add this cute and funny décor detail to your wedding! We are sure that it’ll be a very cool backdrop for a photoshoot for you and your partner, and of course for your guests! Don’t forget about another... More