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DIY Lace ‘Something Blue’ Bridal Garter

Do you remember a traditional English rhyme “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue“? So this blue lace garter will bring love, luck and happiness for sure! You’ll need stretch lace ribbon, 1/2-inch satin ribbon in various colors, measuring tape, sharp scissors, pins, sewing machine... More

21 Creative Non-Floral Boutonnieres For Grooms And Groomsmen

Today your groom and you don’t need to follow all known standards and make only floral boutonnieres. Today you can create and find a perfect idea for your man. And we wanna help you with that! We’ve collected several non-floral boutonnieres for grooms and groomsmen, of course, you can invent your own ones, we just want to... More

Gentle DIY Boutonniere With A Rose

It’s a classical and simple boutonniere, but it’s very gentle and cute! Let’s make it! You’ll need an assortment of small greens and one floral bud (silver brunia, eucalyptus, pink geraldine rose, a rhododendron tip) and supplies as floral knife, floral tape. First gather all of the florals and supplies. The main flower... More

21 Stunning Vintage Wedding Gloves To Wear

If you’re a vintage bride, retro-inspired gloves would be a simple yet elegant addition to your wedding look. In the fall and winter they not only protect your hands from freezing, but also add a hefty dose of style to your overall wedding outfit. Gloves have been around for decades as a statement accessory: such fashion... More

Bohemian DIY Flower Crown For Charming Brides

For making this bridal accessory you don’t need too much money and time. But you can get really cute and gentle flower crown for your bridal look! You’ll need grapevine wire, floral tape, scissors, flowers, leaves or other natural elements you’d like to include and glue gun. Gather your supplies, all of which should be... More

Easy-To-Make And Vintage-Inspired DIY Blusher Veil

A simple and cute veil you can make very fast, if you have at least 30 minutes. Let’s start! For this project you will need tulle, Russian tulle, comb, chiffon flutter appliqué, hot glue and scissors. First of all cut your tulle into 14″X14″ squares. Then round off one side of both pieces of your tulle squares.... More

22 Excellent Wedding Hat Ideas For Your Groom

There are so many wedding hat ideas for your groom, so we decided to share them with you as soon as possible! To complete groom’s outfit and make to look him more stylish and awesome, pay your attention to pics below and choose a nice hat for your man. Depending on your wedding theme, you can pick up cowboy hat (for country... More

Unique And Gorgeous DIY 3D Printed Bridal Headpiece

3D print technology is like magic, really. Right now if you have a good 3D printer, you can print pretty much anything you want, even a hair accessory. Crazy, right? However, it’s not a common thing everyone has in their houses. Gladly, gals from A Practical Wedding together with HP shared their unique experience on how... More

Glamorous DIY Gold Wire Napkin Rings For Fall Weddings

If you like to think over every little detail, you’ll appreciate this project. You will need gold jewelry wire, PVC pipe (1 1/4 inch diameter, 6 inches long) and needle-nose pliers. First hold the PVC pipe as a napkin ring form in one hand and use your thumb to firmly hold down one end of the gold wire on top of it. Using the... More

Sparkly And Glamorous Bridal Accessories By Ariel Jennifer Taub

We always have our eyes on the most beautiful pics of bridal fashion so you could be in trend. Let me introduce you Ariel Jennifer Taub – a designer of gorgeous statement making bridal accessories. Two main reasons why you should give preference to her creations: they’re all handmade with Swarovski Crystals and each... More