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DIY Geometric Boutonniere With Billy Balls

A boutonniere is a necessary thing for every groom, and to get a personalized accessory it’s better to make it yourself. Let’s make a trendy geometric boutonniere! You’ll need scissors, a ruler, a craft knife, a bone folder, glue, floral tape, 1/4’’ ribbon, boutonniere pins, a paper gem template, colored paper. Print... More

Vintage-Style DIY Birdcage Veil For Brides

A birdcage veil is kinda a no-fuss veil yet a very pretty and vintage-inspired one. If you don’t want to break the bank with buying this accessory, we want to share an idea on how to make it on your own. ½ yard French netting, measuring tape, scissors, needle, thread, thimble and hair comb. Begin with cutting the netting to... More

30 Lovely Corsages For Your Bridesmaids

Such thing as a corsage we usually associate with the end of school and prom. However, they are now a big hit for bridesmaids! Whether worn on your girls’ wrists or pinned to their shoulders, these corsages are great for incorporating your favorite flowers on a wedding day. Plus it’s the best way if you’re tight on... More

Boho-Inspired DIY Head Chain Bridal Accessory

Boho style embraces freedom and originality, so instead of a traditional bridal veil on your wedding day you should try something more unique and boho-inspired. How about this festival head chain with cute feathers? It’s simple yet very lovely, and you can easily make it yourself. You’ll need 2 x 1M gold chain, 4 x 5mm... More

4 Creative Ways To Customize Your Wedding Bouquet

Whether you’ve selected fresh floral blooms or a handmade, last-forever bouquet, we’re going to show you how to customize it. Bouquet wraps come in all kinds of shapes, colors, and types, but we’re quite partial to the rhinestone kind! They’re sparkly and handmade and perfect for the bride’s bouquet. Add heirlooms.... More

Adorable DIY Summer Floral Boutonniere

Summer wedding season is slowly coming to an end, but flowers are still all the rage! It’s trendy to use them literally everywhere, and it seems like there’s no way you can go too far with this. We try to keep abreast, so today we are sharing a very sweet boutonniere tutorial for your groom and his dudes. You’ll need... More

The Hottest Wedding Trend: 16 Bridal Crowns

I think that almost every girl dreamed of becoming a princess and with this hottest wedding trend you have such an opportunity! Style savvy and sophisticated brides can enjoy wearing a real crown as a stylish new accessory. Find a crown according to your wedding style: a gemstone one, a fabric, wire or a paper one. There are... More

42 Beautiful Fall Wedding Boutonnieres

Fall wedding season is close! Getting ready for a wedding, it’s better to think over every single detail, and a boutonniere is no exception. Don’t hesitate to choose a colorful fall boutonniere for your groom as it’ll look cool and trendy with any suit – dark or light. The most traditional idea is an orange or red rose... More

30 Gorgeous Oversized Bridal Hair Flowers Ideas

We continue exploring flower trend in weddings, and today let’s talk about fabulous big blossoms in your hair. It’s something that has been attracting me for a while in bridal fashion and in summertime I think it’s a great accessory option for a veil look as well as for a no veil look. Whether you give preference to... More

20 Beach Ankle Adornments For Barefoot Brides

Whether it’s somewhere exotic and glamorous, or a little more local and rustic, beach weddings are a blank canvas for adding your own personal style to your day. There’s a plenty of beach gowns and jewelry for you to choose but footwear is where it gets a bit tricky. High heels just won’t work on the sand, and flip flops... More

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